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Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS) is an online application launched by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to facilitate Food Business Operators (FBO) in India to apply for License/Registration Certificate and track their applications during the course of processing.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which is a consolidating statute related to food safety and regulation in India. FSSAI is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

Every Food Business Operator(FBO) is required to obtain FSSAI registration. Operating a Food Business without a license is a punishable offence.

Food License or FSSAI (Food Safety Standards Act Of India) created under FSSA Act 2009 is an obligatory prerequisite for Food Business Operators to have. In the event that the Food Business doesn't obtain it, yet continues to work, the business is no more legitimate.

Application to FSSA Authority for new FSSA license requires Online registration on FSSA website and document file preparation according to licensing requirements as per Central/ State licensing/registration requirements.

We provide customize guidance on conversion of existing PFA license to new FSSA license OR guidance on applying for a new FSSA license to Central Licensing Authority OR to State Licensing Authority.

FSSAI application can be a tedious process. FSSAI Licenses and Registrations takes time. Moreover, nearly 93% FBO do not know in which of the three categories they fall for obtaining a FSSAI License. This lack of knowledge may result in wastage of time and efforts. But we are at the rescue, we will provide you guidance from the start to the end of this process.

FSSAI, however, issues three different types of food licenses which are:

1. Central License
2. State License
3. Basic Registration

The three licenses, however, differ on the basis of the scale of operation of the food business which is being carried out. The following is the detailed information on the three food licenses.

1. FSSAI Registration Central License: Food business operators such as the Importers, 100% Export Oriented Units, large manufacturers, operators in the Central Government agencies, airports, seaports etc are however required to obtain a Central Food License. The Central license is issued by the Central Government. Furthermore, FBOs have to obtain the Central License for their head office, and if they have operations in more than 1 state. It is thus mostly for the units who are having an annual turnover which is greater than 20 crores.

2. FSSAI Registration State License: Food business operators like small to medium sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc. are however required to obtain the Fssai State License. The State License is issued by the State Government and it is important that you have operations in only 1 state, in order to obtain the State license. It is thus mostly for the units having an annual turnover of more than 12 lakh.

3. FSSAI Registration: The Food business operators like petty food manufacturers and also the small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc are thus required to obtain the FSSAI Registration. The FSSAI Registration is however issued by the State Government. Depending upon the eligibility, an FBO can thus fall under the State or Registration license. It is thus mostly for the units having an annual turnover which is up to 12 lakh.

The Food Business Operators seeking a new license or looking of fssai License renewal their existing license have to apply through application form B, so there is just one application form for either applying for a new fssai License or to renew the existing license of a food business.

An FSSAI license is thus the single most important license which are necessary for food business operators in India. All the eligible food operators like manufacturers, transporters, distributors, retailers, etc are also required to have an FSSAI license before the commencement of the business. But, it is not necessary only getting of an FSSAI license , infact it is equally important in order to renew your license from time to time.

The validity of an FSSAI license extends from 1 to 5 years and it depends upon the number of years which is chosen by the food operator. The cost of the license thus increases with the number of years applied for. Thus as per the FSSAI guidelines, you would need to apply for the renewal of the license within 30 days of the expiration of the existing one.

If however the renewal application is not filed within this time, then a penalty of Rs. 100 would be charged for each day of delay. Thus if the registration of the renewal of a license has not been applied for within the specified time, then the license is thus considered as expired and it is thus the business operator who also has to if his business activity is at the premises. The business operator then has to apply for a new license if they wish to restart their business. Therefore, it is advisable in order to renew your FSSAI license on the time in order to avoid penalties

Procedure for renewal of FSSAI license

1. In order to get fssai License renewal ,application for fssai License renewal shall be made in FORM B to the concerned central Licensing authority or the state fssai Licensing authority, based on the eligibility criteria for the food business..

2. The application shall be accompanied by a self attested declaration in the specified format declaring that he conforms/shall conform to the Food Safety and Standards Act,Regulations/Bye Laws and shall follow the guidelines on Hygiene and Sanitary Practices provided under Schedule - 4 of the Registration and Licensing Regulations, along with the requisite documents and requisite license fee.

3. The Authorities for fssai License renewal will carry out inspection of the food business.

4. The fssai License renewal shall be issued by the concerned licensing authority within a period of 60 days.

5. If from the date of making the completed application, a fssai License renewal is not issued within 60 days or the applicant has not received any intimation in this regard the applicant may commence his food business without waiting for further communication.

Based on Annual Turnover a FBO has to either apply for simple registration in FORM A with FSSAI or apply for a License given by FSSAI in FORM B.

Annual Turnover Below 12 Lakhs required Registration FORM A

Annual Turnover 12 Lakhs to 20 Crores required State License FORM B

Annual Turnover Above 20 Crores required Central License

Why you should get FSSAI License?

There is a high degree of consumer confidence in safety & quality of food.
It helps to promote innovation in foods products.
It helps in removal of multiple regulations.
It facilitates trade without compromising consumer safety & a larger share.

What is FSSAI all about?

Decentralization of licensing for food products.
Simple and easy issue of license with time frame of 1 month.
There is no license for small FBO's, only registration is mandatory
This act assures safety of consumer and ensures full compensation to victim in case of injury or death.

Important Instructions

Food Business Operator must be registered.
If Food Business Operator is operating in more than 1 state, one additional Central License for Head Office is necessary.
Importers are allowed to take one single central license at their Import Export Code address.
One presumption with various types of businesses is eligible for one registration only.
Food Business Operator must obey the rules and conditions of registration.

Basic info about Fssai Types

Types of Fssai / Food License

There are three registration to get FSSAI license since they differ on the basis of the scale of operation of the food business that is carried out. We will discuss the Detailed information of the fssai licenses basic, state and central.

Basic info about componay

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